View Full Version : Loading Screen Crash

10-20-2017, 12:54 PM

I just started the game and when Im entering the Raisins for the first time, the game showes up the Loading screen and then the sound begins to stutter and it crashes back to desktop. I tried everything with alt+enter etc. nothing will help!

10-20-2017, 02:53 PM
Hello SCFiReturn

Are you playing through Steam or Uplay?

Do you get an error message when the game crashes and if so what does the message state?

Thank you

10-20-2017, 10:23 PM
This has also happened for me! It's happened when I was sent to beat up the Sixth Graders for the first time. I CAN say it happens usually when a session of the Story, since right now I'm stuck on the mission where you collect Classy's medicine, because the loading screen keeps giving up on the alleyway part. It DOES frequently happen on UPlay, but I think it's also occurred on the Steam version. I fixed it when I turned down my graphics and resolution to the lowest, but now it's not working at all! And after it crashes, UPlay says it's syncing when Cloud, then nothing. Just back to desktop. I've seen people report about the Crashing and Syncing part, so maybe it's linked. I dunno, I'm not the smartest when It comes to computers. Anyways, I hope this helped in any way possible. Please help!