View Full Version : PS4 Connection errors during gameplay while Ubisoft Club servers are down.

10-18-2017, 03:31 AM
Ubisoft Club seems to be down, which is fine, except Fractured but Whole on PS4 keep trying to connect and interrupts my gameplay every 5 to 10 minutes after it times out and can't reach the Ubisoft Club servers.

The only solution is to pull out the network cable from my PS4 so it stops trying to connect.

Can you please add an option to not enable Ubisoft Club online somewhere in the game so we can disable it from always trying to reconnect, time out and then pop-up a PS4 error message that it can't find the network?

It's so irritating when this pop-up appears in the middle of a fight! I'm trying to attack and then the pop-up appears forcing me to hit "O" on my PS4 controller as fast as possible to close the error window so I can get back and press "X" in time to use an attack.

Or better yet, just disable this pop-up all together! If the servers (Ubisoft Club or even PSN) ever crash in the middle of gameplay, then just let it crash, stop connecting and let us continue playing. I don't need an alert or pop-up telling me it went offline. It's not like the game is an online MMORPG. It's a single player game!