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10-15-2017, 01:32 AM
Hello Steep riders, looking to be in a video?! Here's your chance... let's get this project idea started.

Idea: Edit a video from Steep rider submissions with Steep gear (snowboards, skis, packs, suits, etc) as a focal point. If you saw my Black Crows or Slash by GiGi videos, I want to make another video similar to those but of the Steep gear. I'd prefer to try to stick with skis and snowboards, but if you have other Steep branded gear submit it as long as it fits my upload requirements.

- I'll only accept clips 15 seconds or less. (Note: the clip may be manipulated to how I see fit)
- I'll only use clips that have "Steep" branded items. Examples: Snowboard shot showing "Steep" underside of board. Character walking with shovel equipped displaying "Steep" sticker on shovel.
- FILE NAMES - your in-game name, platform (for credits) - You can put Anonymous if you don't want to be credited for the clip submission. Example: gnarlyduck.ps4.mp4 - anonymous.pc.avi

Snowboard clip submissions

Ski clip submissions

MUSIC - If you'd like your music to be in the video, please message me.

Black Crows Ski Video

10-18-2017, 11:39 PM
Got a few clips in the works for you.