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10-07-2017, 10:13 AM
Dear development team of the Farcry 5 map editor.
I have seen al lot of shout out by the community on this forum, to feature some extra options to the new Farcry 5 editor.
So why not starting a thread of the wishlist the community got ?

My wishlist to make Farcry 5 editor to get noticed:

1. Freemode in the editor mode
Enable to float around the map, making clips of the animations without tagging items during the camera floating

2. Custom item dropbox (from all platforms)
Enable to upload en download custom items in the ingame menu (not mod based) . I would like to share my item creations. Items to be showed by screenshots , just like the showing of maps.

3. Bigger item budget !!
Bigger budget to make maps look completed and creating more details in maps.

4.Community members custom maps template in the browser menu
To distantize us from "jackskeptic"map makers, who love to work with the green square starting grids

5. Fair map rating system

6. Ingame story /narritive option when downloading a custom map

7. Own weapon selection in the editor mode
to enable to select my own weapons in the editor settings and upgraded weapons (also you can place upgraded weapons in to the map)

8. Option to delete a published map as a editor

9. Locking a map as a editor to avoid duplication by freeloaders
Locking a map,but enable the option to contact the map maker for map share autorisation

10. Weater conditions, animations
- rain, snow, fog, vulcanic activity like black smoke, falling leaves, wind animations and condition to set wind speed (like a rolling tornado)

11. Water animation ( ICE ICE BABY)
Option to get some snow maps with a frozen leak to being able to blow holes in the ice or break the ice. Snow that stays on the trees and when the trees get hit snow falls off.

12. multiple weater conditions in one custom map ( time line weater condition settings)

13. Planes !

So that was for about it for me right now. When having more ideas i'll empliment them later on.

Hope your employer understands the requests above and down below to make the editor just as populair as the story mode and multiplayer !

making Farcry 5 most populair game of the year 2018 !!:D

Thanks !

10-07-2017, 03:31 PM
If you come up with a really good one it might be cascaded out across the whole of the gaming industry ^^

star rating + the overall maps made and also rated
a higher change of a map selection by an editor overall maps star ranking.

This during the selection of a random map in the browser menu ..... perhaps?

It's just important to spell out the green square grid mappers, so poeple will come back to the map editor and see what it really got to offer.

Otherwise the editor will not be noticed by the casual player and that would be a shame :P