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10-06-2017, 11:08 PM
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I feel like the fashion in this game is somewhat laughable and flat out dry.

So I've began to notice that the folks designing "outfits" seem to love spikes. The more Rep you get the more spikes or studs your outfits start to have it seems lol.
That is so boring and dull to look at every high rep character cosplaying as damn porcupine. Like did they run out of ideas to make better looking armor??

The one thing that makes me Jackie Chan WTF is the new "Outfits" they provide whether its mythic or battle, its literally just a paint job we're paying 5-7k steel for and most of them don't even look that appealing. I often find myself just getting a certain outfit because I want that Locked head piece or locked effect that you cant get normally because its behind that pay wall (in terms of mythics) and it honestly leaves me feeling unfulfilled and cheated. The only "Outfits" worth getting are mythics because they come with so much but that 15k price point hurts a lot..

My point is, Instead of getting these new car decals to go on our hero's, can't different armor be made instead? I'm not talking about the slight changes of variation in what already exists although some hero items do change slightly in appearance as rep grows. I guess what I'm asking is could a cosmetic shop be implemented or something like it for hero's? A hub you can go to, to buy gear at a small price like 100-500 steel max (NO STATS APPLIED COSMETIC ONLY) and attach that to existing gear for a small steel cost. I'm talking totally different looking armor fashion, not a play off of what already exists and not just porcupine style or paint jobs. I know that would take a lot of work but I feel like it would serve the game well, then you would really have some unique looking badasses!

DIsclaimer: I do still enjoy the **** out of this game, not trying to **** on it in this post.


10-07-2017, 12:01 AM
For Honor has had a very poor armour variation since launch ;b

Every Hero has about 3-4 armour sets (while some of them aren't really much different from each other) ... and that's pretty much it!
The only variations are some crappy spikes or razors.

Honestly, if it was such a difficult task to give some dumb new armour-sets :confused:

We have lots of weapon skins, but only few armour skins per Hero!

Pls Ubi!!!