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10-06-2017, 01:21 AM
Hi Here is my map entering promotion called MJ2- Statue Liberty,

It seems everybody got his own map thread post ;)..... so here is mine !

Full name of map is Statue of Liberty island, but due limited titel space it's called :
MJ2 - Statue Liberty
to be found at the PS4 Farcry 4 map browser.

Teaser clip


Review by Farcry maps :


Narrative :

Data transition :
Downloading……100 %

Bodycam1 : Active
Battery : LOW
GPS Location: Liberty island, NY

Mission log : 2022-10-11
October 11, 2022,


5 years ago........
one of the parties pressed the red button to end the world as we know it.
Due to the fallout, the world changed in a dusty, windy and yellow environment.

The 80% of humanity was wiped out
Through the atomic bombs thrown.

The survivors who knew early, searching for shelter in their shelters.

Letting the world bleed to dead.

The citizen who had nothing to do with it was confounded by the decision of some.

Incoming data message………………..

Mission log:
Date : 11-10-2022
time : 15.20 +/-

You are exclusively selected to do this mission. Your skills are excellent.

Pagan will give his birthday on holy American soil, liberty island, NY.
As a winner of the five-year war, Pagan soldiers destroyed the original freedom statue and put Pagan on his pedestal.

It is your mission to eliminate Pagan with all the possibilities that are deemed necessary.
Be aware of the Elite soldiers who are protecting Pagan.

As reward I’ll give you Mexico, because I don’t like the people over there

you are great and awesome,

Make America great again !

General of the Army

D. Trump

(The one who pushed the red button first)

All Down below !! Spoiler Alert !!

Full gameplay


Screenshots clip


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10-06-2017, 08:18 AM
Nice work.

10-06-2017, 10:15 AM
Nice work.

Thank you m8 :D !