View Full Version : gladiator combos ledges him

09-24-2017, 12:23 PM
there is a problem with gladiator..some of his combos can ledge him..for example if you use skewer near a ledge sometimes you get ledged..also some other combos can make you ledge your self.

another thing is on team fights..if you get pushed by a teammate near a ledge...sometimes you get ledged also..am not saying by combos that they use..i am saying a warlord for example can just walk pass a gladiator if he touches you you get ledged and he is on you team.
also something wrong with small steps or higher floor grounds and stairs.i have to say that many times i just fell..without even fighting someone...
another thing is his reflex guard..the timing on it omg..its feels that the timing on glad guard needs to be a bit slower..he aint like shinobi that can fly away..
reflex guard mode with buged dodge is a nightmare..
ofc the dodge..how after a month his dodge is still buged?

09-24-2017, 01:56 PM
shinobis can ledge himself off a ledge as well if you use the tackle slide too near it. so id say dont use it in that situation.

in regards to guard speed its pretty the same as shinobis but your Gladiator has WAY more HP than him. so if shinobi is supposed to deal with the guard speed why shouldnt glad?