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09-18-2017, 12:06 AM
I had some thoughts about if Ubi is doing year 2 they should havea HUGE update . That would be a neat reward for those who've been playing since the begging.

1. Faction Capitals:
I had an idea that there could be 4 faction capitals for each faction. They are also named btw. Their naming is either a historical fortress/town/castle, or made up. They serve a huge advantage in the war. If one is captured they act as 2 or maybe 3 territory points, they are hard to conquer however. If you click on a capital on the frontline you can enter a siege. If your defending the capital, or attacking an enemy's capital, you will join the attacking or defending team. You cant enter a siege that is on a front that is not you'rs. A siege lasts for the entire 6 hours (the time for territories to update). When you enter a siege your war assets you make during the fight will be transported to your warbanner. Each team will have 6 people (remember dedicated servers are coming in season 4). Also if you quit you will not get a penalty (because it's 6 hours long). So now the team is unbalanced, the team with the least amount of people will have greater attack and defense. Decided by the capital you are at, the map is unique for each capital and cant be played in dominion and such.

2. A fairly short if not any off-year:
That would just be cruel.

3. Remove any characters or abilities that are 'overpowerd' until fix:
I've heard that people want a hero or ability removed until fixed. In my opinion that seems reasonable.

4. Explorable Hub:
It's on the stronghold area; when you click on your stronghold instead of an event you get a tab saying "Enter Stronghold." You then spawn in a marketplace of the stronghold's city (it's fairly open). There are also houses you can go inside and you can even visit the park (if strongholds have those). There are deals in the marketplace you can get deals on stuff that are only limited time, or get specific armor/weapon pieces (for a higher cost). And you can find events (like realistic dominion) at a post that has your factions banner. There's also something else you can get at the marketplace that goes into the next suggestion.

5. Skins:
It's different than outfits; it's a skin for a hero of the week. Costs a lot of steel as well! There an be festive skins and other types of skins. Also since it's a skin you cant customize your armor, well you can but it wont show but still give you the armor level and stuff. Ex: Raider Knight skin: He wears a gambeson and a greathelm, no
beard. pants that resembles to warden's, and leather gloves.

6. Heroes that are HISTORICALLY REALISTIC! like this hero for example

Name: Legionaire

Faction and class: Knights, Vanguard

Weapons: Mace and Kite Shield

Looks like a gothic knight

Can switch between longsword and Mace and Shield with area attack button.

7. First Person:
Whether it's first person executions or totally first-person - it would be cool and immersive. Maybe even first-person emotes?


09-19-2017, 01:06 PM
Hey about the capitals idea I came up with how about this is what it's like?


Attackers have many ways to storm the capital and the defenders have defenses like ballistas and oil pots.

The attacker can storm the walls then try to destroy a thing, maybe a huge door? This huge door leads to the king of that capital and they have to kill this high-leveled bot.

There is no real objective besides that. There's nothing saying "take down gates, GREAT, now kill a certain number of defenders!" Yha nothing like that. You can go in any way you can, ladders, the huge thingy that moved in the video, destroy the gate with a ram. Defenders all have ways to defend against these.

P.S. this footage was from Chivalry and I'm not saying take this map from them, I'm making this as an idea for what sieging a capital would look like.