View Full Version : This connection problem is disgusting

Im Ces012
08-22-2017, 06:27 AM
Why am I getting anticheat errors,there's no way I'm cheating and I get kicked because of it.Dc'ing at night when I play throughout the whole day and it's perfectly fine,what's up with that?I get dc'ed left and right y'all have not done **** to fix this at all.If you have then dam I must have been left out along with a lot of other players.Get this thing fixed already this is a good game that I enjoy playing,but it won't matter if I stop playing because y'all already have the money spent on this game.These dam dedicated servers aren't here quick enough knowing you guys it'll be a while before this gets anywhere.Please just get it done I've had enough of all the dc'ing and I'm sure everyone still sticking with this game has too.