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08-18-2017, 12:28 AM
Instead of worrying about what pc players want nerfed or buffed fix the matchmaking for console players. Its been 7 months and now matchmaking has gotten worse. You guys are adding things and taking things out for players that dont play the game . You guys are so worried with the pc meta when console players have no say in anything . If you want true feed back send emails to people who bought the game and see what they think . You guys have changed so much about the game just stick to what you guys intended since launch and thats a fun game . Players dont make games the developers do and if something is broken like the connectivity then that should be priority rather than buff this nerf that. This game should have been done with patches 2-3 months after launch . Your adding chip damage in 4v4s that crazy but with what you guys did to warlord and pks lights im not surprised just disappointed.

08-18-2017, 01:08 AM
The full session matchmaking error you're seeing is most likely a result of the new bug that came out only after the update tuesday in which we made some network updates for improvement. We're working on getting the fix out as soon as we are able.

As for def meta changes, we do wish we could have let everyone play it, but unfortunately could only make it available for PC players easily since we have more control and agency in the PC domain. But we listened to feedback from all playerbases, and if you have feedback we're always willing to listen on any of our channels.

And unfortunately, hopefully this isn't shocking news, but we'll never be done with patches. This is not a game we can "finish" and it will always be changing and evolving with each new patch and update.