View Full Version : Ubi, you seriously need to speed up agressive changes. Stop stalling.

08-14-2017, 08:26 PM
This isn't time for ***** footing around. Everyone is psychologically prepared for sweeping changes - it's a new season. Do it. This whole "take our time to not step on any toes" line is absolute ********. This IS the time to be directly implementing big changes and seeing what sticks. You need to stop pretending the game is healthy and that people are satisfied.

The game is NOT healthy and people are NOT satisfied.

Parry nerfs made some people cry? Too bad. They are the reason the game is cancer right now, they should be the last people you consider, not the first. Disregard them and do it. That section of the community is what got us here (turtle scum and unlock tech thirst to counter it) in the first place.

Parry followups were too strong for some people, like Orochi double lights?

Good, he's a counter attacker. Shave 3 to 4 damage off of each hit of his double light and boom, mollified. That attack is fairly op anyways, hits for almost 2 heavies worth in normal situations, but when the stats are right or feats/revenge in play that combo hits for insane numbers it wasn't until parry was meaningfully nerfed that issue made itself clear.

People cry that you can't parry when OOS? GOOD. Die. The ONLY reason people saw this as bad was because you increased stamina damage dealt from a parry. Because that negated the whole point of making people more likely to attack, if the end goal was even worse than before.

So keep parry stamina damage as is, or even lower it. After all, nerfing parry is the goal here, not nerfing stamina too.

Then, at most, you just have to do a passover on Centurion stamina damage from kit parries, and general sources of stamina damage as a whole.

That is a lot easier to address moving forward than doing NOTHING and hiding behind DATA as an excuse. You have a very vocal community and 2 entire seasons of data. Stop it.

When you run out of Stamina, you SHOULD be getting the beat down of your life. People should be abusing chip damage and crushing you. There is no better feedback for "don't go into this state" than "I die every time I go into this state". Go full dark souls. Anyone claiming otherwise is a parry addict who doesn't want to accept punishment for their mistakes. They are the opposite extreme of unlock tech abusers, and just as problematic to game health.

This is the exact turning point to make the game better. This is the LAST thing you need to stall on. I don't care if your dev team is 4 people. This isn't so hard as to require such reservations. Hell, the community is so thirsty for change, if none of it worked out as planned, we'd accept a rollback and helping you figure out a new direction from square one because that is STILL better than stagnating at this cancer we all collectively despise.

Since it isn't coming this patch, next patch. Add one of the new changes each weekly patch. Modify heroes accordingly who have abuse cases. Be willing to hotfix particularly bad oversights. This isn't rocket surgery.

At least if you give us what we ask and it doesn't work out how we thought, you can finally blame US instead of stockpiling all these L's, Ubi.

Stop listening to the people who want more of the same and start introducing what was requested. Throw caution to the wind - based on the tone of the community, you've got a lot less to lose and much more to gain. This is a perfect storm for experimental change. Just DO it.

08-14-2017, 08:52 PM
I agree. They earned a lot of good will with the announcement of dedicated servers, and their commitment to break the defensive meta. However a lot of that was undone with their walking back the parry and OOS changes. People don't want more inaction and delays. You've been extremely slow and reluctant to address every issue the community has criticized you for.The only issues you moved on right away were the 2k Warden unlock glitch and the shinobi kick spam. Yet for every step in the right direction, there are three or four missteps. Despite dealing with shinobi's kick after just two weeks of going live, the Centurion, the most egregious of the two, remains untouched. You announce all these great(mostly) ideas for the dealing with the defensive meta...something the community was vocal about a month after launch, then you walk them all back and say you need more data. WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE? All these delays do is give the impression that you don't know how to deal with these issues, and that you don't have a clear, and unified vision for what you want FH to be.

You don't need more data, you need a bigger team and more resources. Tell your higher ups to stop being so cheap with the budget. This game is never going to do anything but flounder less you commit to making it a hit. None of this maintenance mode management with a skeleton crew who release content that was completed prior to launch.

08-14-2017, 10:05 PM
Ugh.. This post will not change Ubisoft mind. Look on R6 or The Division history. Thats all what u need to know about Future of For Honor. They created good game with $$$ machine but they broken it at the beginning.

08-14-2017, 11:03 PM
Waiting till season 4 to make your game not disgusting to more than 150 people is suicide. If some promising changes don't come out soon, this game is going to quickly lose consumer base to games like Absolver, or the holiday fighting game season. You can't be hesitant to fulfill the desires of your consumer base at such a time as this.

Any of the people you'd "lose" as a result of meaningful parry changes and OOS changes are people who have made the game how it is viewed now - wasted potential, poorly executed potential, or lost potential.

So, those players, should they actually care about this game (since "high level" seems to only consist of parry bots and unlock tech abusers) they will learn to adapt. If they dont, and leave, so what? It means they weren't really that high level to begin with if they cannot win without abusing unintended behavior and parry turtling.

These changes are seen as what could be a new page for this game, which it needs, right now. Not this holiday, not Feb 2018, right NOW. Because it actually needed these changes yesterday. If you end up satisfying 95% of your playerbase and making the threshold of tolerance to join the game for new people healthier, then the top 5% is a worthwhile loss. They will be replaced by fresh blood, or they will adapt.

Again, I cannot reiterate enough - if that most recent tournament is any indicator, for both participant and viewer alike - that sort of debacle as well as playstyle will kill this game in due time.

You don't need any more data. You don't need to listen to the people clamoring or arguing for more of the same - you are doing these changes to ignore them to begin with. Follow through on that.

Listen to the consumers who want the change they are saying they require to want to stay.

Or....low and behold, they won't. Even from a strictly business perspective, this makes sense, so for all the "money mongering" theorists out there, this is both the correct move financially as well as spiritually.

I cannot bring new people into this mess. I cannot defend this mess to new people either. Anyone with common sense and an iota of good will for the future of this game see how much a sense of urgency is required right now. 2 basic criticisms in from any basic research from an interested party can only be met with "I know", "they apparently need more data after nearly 6 months of parry being op", and "yes I realize actions speak louder than words". It's like defending a failing report card.

Ship the fundamental changes, triage as you go with what you have, and what the community is offering. It cannot actually get worse than this stagnation. People will literally have more lulz through the growing pains of another instant drop attack fiasco transitioning to a healthier gamestate than they will more of the same. Please stop pretending games capturing the spirit of what people wanted from this game will not be releasing on the horizon. You do not have the time to ignore a sense of urgency for an entire season.

Get your nutz up Ubi.