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08-14-2017, 12:42 PM
Hey I'm new to the Ubisoft forums and just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi my names Seth and I go under the gamer tag SETHO-1.
I make maps on the PS4 and I'm currently building one on the PC and loving the bigger budget 😀. I'm really looking forward to getting to know that platform better,so if you guys could suggest any maps to check out that would be awesome.

We have a really awesome community on the ps4 with some very talented map builders, I've enjoyed playing all the ps4 MJ1 maps and watching all the awesome videos by fallen champ AKA anorexic Buddha across all the platforms, think he's done an outstanding job👍.
I've seen some really cool maps from the Xbox 1 and PC which I would not of seen if it wasn't for him so cheers for that mate😀.

Anyhow I've rambled on enough, hopefully I'll get to know some of you guys, and can't wait to see what amazing maps get built with far cry 5.

08-14-2017, 01:08 PM
Hi :) and welcome to the forums.

08-14-2017, 01:12 PM

Some of your maps there which you made on PS4

Also Lunatic Asylum which I finally did undetected (luckily)


Seth for me just came out of nowhere, I took a break from FC2 and was maybe big into Dying Light and Uncharted at that point, came back maybe 6 months or longer after this break and found a couple of maps and noticed he was in the PS4 Community Far Cry group a lot, it was good seeing him progress with the editor into in my opinion one of the most creative map builders on that platform along with others.

Everyone on there knows truesurv1val and the other map builders from FC2 and FC3 but recently FC4 on PS4 seems to be getting stronger and it showed with this map jam, people like sock_monster7 & Cupcakegalaxy as well as seasoned mappers like Sabotur and others (you know who you are all these folk pushing one another which brings out better maps.

Seriously I think Seth will be a boundary breaker on PC the trend is mostly natural map that are of a really high quality usually Outpost or Extraction, some like Cold_Blast do crazy stuff as does Imre Zoltan so it will be interesting if he converts over nicely on the PC tools to see what kind of stuff he makes.

I would also recommend taking some of those PS4 maps and porting them over to PC via mapswapper then adding to them further with the bigger budget you will have at your disposal.
If you want me to convert the maps its no hassle I can email the map files and you can place them in the map directory on your PC and they will open up for editing - The original authors name will be Steve64 I think, he created mapswapper:)

Its good to have people like this making maps because they so often think outside the box.

08-14-2017, 02:03 PM
I am really torn with 3 platforms, the PC guys on FC4 I see most of them still doing solo maps so doubt I will be playing MP on that platform, if a lot of old friends come back from Instincts and Far Cry 2 I would have to spen some time on XB1 but also you guys are making some amazing maps that I feel PS4 also has a future with MP I spent most of my time playing FC2 MP on PS4 and checking out maps on XB360 so I have to weigh it up.

There are some factors though if the camera issue doesn't get fixed I can't stay on console, same as budget we need a bigger budget - so I have some big problems over the horizon, I just want to play FC5 with everyone who likes Run and Gun style that makes quality maps :p

Seth do you have plans to make Multiplayer maps or will you stick to sol if we can build both types in FC5 ?

08-14-2017, 02:35 PM
Thanks sabotur😀 I've played a lot of your maps in the ps4 and think they are awesome quality maps. I really liked your bitterroot map, the terrain was spot on and if I remember you didn't use a single Rock object?

08-14-2017, 02:39 PM
Will build both mate, but I'm looking forward to making multiplayer maps as I've never made them before so will be a good challenge.

08-15-2017, 02:30 PM
Seth, like Steve said, you came outta nowhere, and have figured out the IGE like a well seasoned veteran.

I love the stuff you do on PS4, and cant wait to see what you do in FC5 I hope you get it for PC Steve and I both are. You are quite a creative dude!

You should come upload your maps into the battlemap database. Steve, you should put that showcase video up at battlemap on the front page since youve already made it, I think Seth is deserving.

08-15-2017, 02:33 PM
And Seth, about making PLAYABLE MP maps, Thats what separate the boys from the men lmao! Its a VERY different thing to make a really playable map, but I am sure youll have no problem.

Its all about flow, and spawn point location!

08-15-2017, 03:41 PM
SETHO-1 you got a tube channel? We should team up !

08-15-2017, 09:18 PM
Thanks mate I appreciate it.
MP maps sound awesome, can't wait to try make some.
I checked out your MJ1 entry farmland, visuals and game play were brilliant really enjoyed it 😀

08-15-2017, 09:20 PM
No I don't mate,do you?

08-15-2017, 09:33 PM
Oh thanks dude, appreciate it! Hope it was the most recent version ;)

With the lack of MP, I avoided the IGE, so trying to get into and not knowing what kind of assets there were, made it difficult to map a map, so I kept it simple and just went with a DM/TDM style open map. No flow at all, just run/cover/shoot.

I am more of a MP style mapper, and try to give it SOME flow, but eh...I kept it simple lol

Cant wait to get into the FC5 ige though, Already have some map ideas, and of course, Ill remake a new version of one of my best 'flowing' maps from FC2/3 called Old World Order.

I really look forward to seeing your maps in FC5!

When you gonna come kick it at battlemap?!?!?! lol

08-15-2017, 10:28 PM
Ah cool mate. I only got into mapping last year so not played anything on fc2/3 but I've heard good things.

Do you have any links or vids of your mp maps? Would be cool to check them out.

I'll defo come check out battlemap I think fallen champ sent me a link somewhere lol.

08-16-2017, 01:48 AM
Ah cool mate. I only got into mapping last year so not played anything on fc2/3 but I've heard good things.

Do you have any links or vids of your mp maps? Would be cool to check them out.

I'll defo come check out battlemap I think fallen champ sent me a link somewhere lol.

Cool! Hope to see you there!

Heres some links:

Map Maker Association is a coop map making group I started in FC2


Deth Qube was also a thing I started in FC2


Heres a few loose end vids that I never put in the other playlists:







08-16-2017, 01:49 AM


08-16-2017, 02:56 PM
Cool thanks for that mate I will check these out 😀

08-16-2017, 03:42 PM
What multiplayer games have you played / liked in the past with 1st Person Shooters ?

Just wondering

08-16-2017, 03:45 PM
btw i know what you mean with the budget. To bad i got a laptop only :D !

08-16-2017, 07:18 PM
Hmm all the battlefields,the older cod games, hate the new stuff, Rainbow six are the ones that come to mind.

08-16-2017, 07:30 PM
I know I'm sure the ps4 could of handled a bigger budget 🤔

08-16-2017, 08:59 PM
Hey Seth, good to see you here on the forums, and making the transition to PC!

If you're on Facebook, you may want to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/FarCry4MapEditor , as that group showcases some of the work in progresses on the PC side of things. It can offer some editor help too, though I doubt you'll need much.... :)

08-16-2017, 09:22 PM
Hi mate.
Thank you, I will check it out.
I'm starting to get a grip of the keyboard and mouse set up lol 😀