View Full Version : Salvage Recycling - personal thoughts

08-07-2017, 10:11 AM
Hello Dev's and Community,

I am aware that this topic has been discussed several times already, but unfortunately I am still sitting on 250k salvage to this day (some probably even exponentally more). Following the last warrior's dens I was always hoping to hear some news about different options for players to use and recycle salvage, especially with the eyes gazing at Season 3.
Every news mentioned were great news and the devs really convinced me that they certainly haven't given up on the game yet.

I (and probably the most part of the veteran community) would highly appreciate some infos and suggestions from the devs regarding some of their ideas on this topic. As I said, the future road map of the game in the second last warrior's den didn't include any hints.

From my point of view, any extra option to use salvage would be highly appreciated. But some of my personal ideas would be the following:

1. Purchase crates with steal AND salvage: e.g Premium Crate for 500 steel -> 5000 salvage
2. Some special, seperate store with exclusive items
3. Or integrate the currency in the current store for everything (emotes, executions, outfits) -> not my favourite option to be honest
4. Implement the 'curreny forge' - a special new feature in the menu - which allows to cast real curreny steel from melted salvage (conversion rate up to the devs)
5. Implement the 'armoury' - where you can craft the armour or weapon piece you desire. Like MMORPG crafting just simplified. For this to happen, one must purchase the blueprint for the piece first (with salvage) and craft it (with salvage and steel maybe).This option needs some more thought but would add some extra features to the plain game itself like the 'currency forge' would too.

I would be more then happy to hear feedback from the community as well as the devs to this topic and my presented options :)