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08-01-2017, 04:05 PM
When i say all hero in this game are fine the way they are built ! i mean it . Every heroes are fine in 1v1. If you struggle with a particular classes you just need more practice.Regardless you can't win em all .

The problem is when they clash in 4v4 with gears !
What is the consensus about the PTR 2 with dominion ? We can't really give feedback on the new changes ... the reasons are obvious .

here my total time game play 14D 45M 47S .Dominion 4d 22h 42m and duel 5d 21h 15m .In two words to date i have experienced few things in for honor

4v4 mode has quickly became a ganking fest after the released , on the long run it is how it is ...there is not much other strategy involved because of how it has been designed.
in beta test it was easy to say when everyone will be rigged up with purple gears this will get out of hand and nearly unplayable.Well i have to say 4v4 is now exactly what it is .It is nearly unplayable the fun is only if you are on the ganking team who momentum first.

the main reasons are : being put an unreactable states by cent ,conq ,warlord ,valk etc... while others enemies around are heavying you or spamming GB .But the problem is not the abilities of these classes to put you in an unreactable state nor even the one who's hitting you from behind .It's the gears stats.You die too quick .The original heroes health pool is not designed to take that amount of hit . A defensive gear load out doesn't even match , you will never reach a satisfying defensive resistant gear deck.A perfect example would be poping revenge in front of a berzerker who trade hyper heavys a raider's unblockable stomp you on the other side while a conqueror is bashing you from behind.you will die instantly.
Could we work around those issues ? Like maybe live longer . A better health pool will make the fights last longer which will result in spreading/dispersing ''fighting cells'' , because not every one will be trashing the same guy at once.If fights last longer , player will feel more dedicated to a hard task when engaging the enemy.it's not gonna be a two hit kill even if your ally help you.

My advice is this : instead of constantly tweaking the revenge to find the perfect balance , increase the health pool in 4v4 and then find a balance with revenge.With the actual revenge it would be very interesting to have a dominion event no gears stats with feat with rewards.it could also help new player who are joining for honor for the next season