View Full Version : Turtle Meta Questions

07-31-2017, 08:02 PM
Is it possible that one of the things that enables the "Turtle-Meta" is the HP regen mechanic when at low hp? If so would it be a terrible Idea to remove it all together? I've played quite a few fighters that don't Have Low HP Regen and I wondered if this was one of the things that the Shield using heros can abuse at low hp just start to hide behind your shield until you heal up. Lastly I was wondering if there is a particular reason that we do heal up at low HP? like is this some game mechanic that the game needs to have or it would ruin the foundation of the fighter?

08-01-2017, 12:08 AM
it is part of the reason yes. But removing it wouldn't solve the turtle meta. It would just make the few characters that can open turtles even more meta. which doesn't change anything.
granted these new changes also kind of did that. but not as badly imo. what they need to do is drop the hp regen to only give as much HP as the lowest parry punish.

this means the turtle can't wait till 25 hp and try a risky move. it won't stop them from turtling. but it means they won't be able to get the person down either without risk.
then they can just add in the tournament mechanic where if a time out occurs the lowest HP person loses.