View Full Version : Costline Game Crash

07-06-2017, 06:15 PM
I'm not sure if it is a known bug I checked and couldn't find anything but if you play as Hibana on coastline you can in fact crash the game entirely where it comes unresponsive! I'm not sure if it crashes everyone's game like everyone in the lobby type thing but I know it has caused friends games to crash when it occurs.

The way this is created is when a defender reinforces a certain wall (see link) and Hibana shoots the wall with her charges in set spots.

I've recreated this so far twice in match making (casual) as I've only just recently started using her. I can't figure out to why this causes the game to crash but when it does you need to use task manager to close the game as not even Alt f4 works.

A friend did test in a custom game with the wall not being reinforced and it didn't cause the game to crash.


Its the south side wall in the "2F Hookah Lounge"