View Full Version : Running Rainbow Six- 32-bit

07-02-2017, 01:08 AM
Hello, I recently formatted my computer and removed everything from the system to start from scratch. I had rainbow six siege installed already running on a 32 bit and other specs was in required amount (nearer to the minimum end) and it would work fine, 50 fps and would stutter for 2 seconds on my first match that's all, it worked fine. However after formatting and reinstalling rainbow six siege through u-play it no longer launches, due to it not being 64-bit, but i'm wondering why it worked the first time and wont work at all now, i get the error; Unable to start the game. Please check that you installed it correctly...Its frustrating that the game worked once before on 32 bit which gave me 41hours of PVP time and 3 hours in PVE. Is it at any way possible to run with 32-bit?