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06-23-2017, 04:10 PM
I am going to write basic tactics for realistic games for 3 game modes so maybe fewer people will blindly run around and killing most of the team with their reckless actions.
Basic Siege Rules:
-Dont start shooting for no reason once the match begins , either you will drain attention of enemies near windows and doors they will rush out and kill or injure team mates, or you will injure them yourself by blindfiring.
-NEVER Start shooting when someone is in your line of fire, its very annoying and a noob thing to do, to start shooting over someone elses shoulder, same goes for you dont push yourself in front someone elses gun and expect them to watch out for your sudden movements.
-Dont shoot barricades to destroy them , either enemy will be behind them and most likely will shoot or kill someone in their line of view or worst enemy will emerge from shadows of house hidden deep inside which you cant even see and shoot you or someone else gets shot because of your error.
-Dont use Ash`s breaching round to destroy door barricades,windows unless no one is around, team mates are likely to run next to it and get killed or injured which will upset them and take a revenge.
-NEVER Destroy outer walls on any game modes Garage doors on house map or chalet etc. Destroying outer walls will lead most likely to someones death when enemies spawn outside they will have clean view inside the house and shoot you from ridiculous distances.
-Dont be destroying interior walls neither ,unless you exactly know what you are doing and you know it wont open line of view for incoming enemies.
And few advices :
-Shooting enemies while rappeling is out of question for me, especially while hanging upside down ,bots will usually see you first and shoot top of your head.
-Avoid engaging bombers or stairways, especially with acogs, they will make sudden movements and move out of sight of acog, but generally dont fight them on stairway Lights + rising level of head may easily lead to miss headshot and they are more likely to blow themselves up on stairways injuring you anyway or kill, Also they wear that hazmat suit and shooting top of their heads wont count as headshot or shot at all, gotta aim more likely as if for Neck.

And now for game modes.

Extract Hostage :
-There are 19-20 Enemies on every map , 2 of them roamers 2 bombers, mobile terrorists who will react to shooting and exploding and will run to kill you, two of them are bombers and two regulars but always equipped with Frags
-Finding and killing all ot them should be first priority , but beware sometimes one loner will be around the house usually very far from hostage room, so run around carefully.
-After grabbing hostage 9 enemies will spawn, at most maps 5 will stay at extractions point and 4 will come after the hostage, two of them are bombers and two regulars with frags, These enemies Will always be aware of you and mostly they enter the rooms shooting you immediately.
-NEVER take hostage to rooftops before you have killed those 4 incoming mentioned above ,AI is crappy and they will track hostages movement through floors messing them up bad, After they died depending on what you prefer you may go to roof and kill the remaining 5 on extract zone usually with ease
-Sometimes when someone grabs hostage there is glitch when player moves around but hostage stays in place and runs in same place, dont shoot the hostage but put player carrying him until he is DBNO revive the player and hostage should be good

Terrorist Hunt Classic :
-There are 20 Enemies at start, four are mobile terrorists, two chargers with frags and two bombers ,10 Enemies WILL spawn outside of the house.
-After killing five enemies (25remaining) Two will spawn outside, at "21" one charger and one bomber comes. at "15" Four will come Two bombers two chargers , at 9 Two chargers come, at 5 Remaining every enemy comes usually in row like lambs to slaughter house not giving much trouble unless you reveal your location.
-Never stay outside because of frequent spawns as i said above, rappeling is out of question, Wait for spawning enemies kill them as they come and proceed
-If playing alone or with squad, after killing first enemies wait for Roamers to come and dont rush into house unless you want to get flanked by roamers
-Always Stick to solid wall, never start gunfire fight with enemies from behind destroyable walls, even if you cover, enemies will walltrack you for moment and shoot you.

Disarm Bomb :
-First of all Top priority is NEVER stay in room with the defuser,You have to Find the best places and angles from above or from below bomb room, if its possible even two floors from above, for example in chalet if bomb is in wine cellar you can shoot them from two floors above if you destroy trapdoor in corner above wine cellar and shoot enemies from the office from floor above next to red chair, few maps also have easy spots from rooftops
-Second Priority is to conceal yourself, if you start bursting with LMG enemies will shoot back or rush at you even if you are floor below or above, Silencer come handy here
-There are Always 20 enemies at start, usually half near A and second half near B ,
-Top priority should be killing all enemies in building so you can track clearly how many will remain after first defusal,
-25 enemies will come at first defusal , Safely kill as many you can without exposing your position or risking injury, the more you kill easier it will be to pick the defuser and reach the second bomb
-After first defusal killing all enemies is not necessary, as long your route is clear to your safe location leave rest of enemies behind and pick them off later if they attack the defuser
-in this game mode Hibana or Thermite is a good choice. You need them to open necessary walls to avoid staying in defuser room,With hibanas gadget you ought to shoot pallets near ground level, enemies wont see you but you can shoot their legs or backs, also you will have a opening to exit the room after you place the defuser near the hole, Most of the times you NEED to place the defuser with your back turned on the hole you made, closest to hole as possible.

As for Protect hostage all i have to stay , DONT camp the hostage room, and try to not let them near hostage room even, defend surrounding rooms, Drop Barbed wires in front of doors or wait for them to start hitting the wire and shoot them, Also a reminder and advice, spawnkilling bots kills the game and its sc.mbag thing to do , dont do it you will either frustrate players and they will kill you or they will get bored blow up hostage or simply leave.

06-24-2017, 12:23 AM
Thanks for taking the time to type this out and for sharing this here!

Hopefully this will help some of our newer players!

08-12-2017, 11:26 AM
Because of spawnkilling i only play protect hostage solo. Gj btw