View Full Version : Suggestion: 2-Player Shuttle Missions

06-23-2017, 10:11 AM
I usually play Bridge Crew with a friend (BTW thank you so much for crossplay!) and our experiences with strangers have been great so far.

That said, sometimes we would love to stay as a closed group so we can do our in-jokes and weird commentary without jading strangers.

Shuttle missions would be perfect for that. They would also help the game in the long run (easier to do 2-player games if the player population drops one day) and maybe get new players into the game who have been anxious of the 4-player experience so far.

Of course this would be an extensive update - you'd have to design a new bridge, consolidate two consoles into one (I'd suggest captain+helm and tactical+engineering) and possibly new missions. That's quite extensive for a free patch, but I would happily buy it as a DLC or even standalone title.