View Full Version : [bug report]: URGENT -- Matchmaking overlay is permanently displayed during match

06-11-2017, 12:18 PM
The pictures I will post here will tell everything.
Basically, I pressed TAB in between the matchmaking launch animation and the operator selection screen, and this is what happened...


Needless to say, this cost me a ranked match because I could not find a way to remove this and the game is semi-unplayable in that state.
(and no, pressing tab again did not fix it, im not an idiot).
I tried alt-entering, thinking it might reset the UI, but instead the screen went black and I couldnt see anything anymore, so this cost me two ranked rounds (one of me tryign to fix the issue, and the second because when I rejoined after restarting it was too late).

Please don't let this happen again!

06-11-2017, 12:42 PM
Yeah had the same yesterday.after me and my friends wanted to Play a ranked match we suddenly came in a round with no enemies. it was just we 5 vs 0. of Course we instantly got a massage that we won the round. but get no Points.
anyway after this we searched again and found a normal Lobby but we all had this bug....
only possibility to get it away was to restart the game....

ESC didn't help. tabbing in and out neither...