View Full Version : Notice the reason that a person decreased.

06-09-2017, 05:53 AM
The characters with "the CHITO performance" the reason that a person decreased calls "Asa Shinn" because. It isn't known who considered "the endurance" in particular, but the character of "the level a schoolchild considered" is cruel in feeling at all.
They seem to be worrying about a server, but I want you to notice that the most part of the user who stays is "Asa Shinn". There is unreasonable strength which ignored technique and tactics in Asa Shinn so that a dislike pierces, and the person who doesn't use "Asa Shinn" resigns from it.
The user returns, and Shinobu, a berserker and the person who has eliminated all king snake, Peacekeeper and Asa Shinn in this neighborhood would come.
Everyone has also resigned from my friend. It's only Asa Shinn usage to be left.
I don't like Asa Shinn, either and season 2 is feces really.
Really boring.
I think so I'll resign from it.
Why was Asa Shinn made?
Did what be considered and SHINOBI be made?
I want you to tell me that place.

The fall bug, hinpan.
Stamina isn'...