View Full Version : Suggestion : New Crew Position and Skill Rating

06-01-2017, 07:34 AM

I realize this would be very hard to implement but I just wanna put it out there =)

1. A new crew position

We all know that in the series, engineers in the engine-room are constantly at work repairing stuff... So I figured why not have a crew position down there in charge of fixing things mechanically or at least via console in a more intricate way than the engineer on the bridge. I understand I would mean 5 players and not 4 but I think it could be fun!!

2. Skill Rating

I think XP Ranks are good to know and it's good to assess how many hours somebody has played the game. BUT I think there should be some kind of 'error assessment' or 'effectiveness' in order to figure out how well a player is manning a certain position. This could be accomplished by giving a player X amount of seconds to complete main tasks linked to the objectives. Yes, difficult to implement without taking away freedom of play, BUT it would add realism and also seriousness to the game. Although the game is the most fun I've ever had!!!

Let me know what you think. I could be ignoring all logic here even though I'm vulcan... ;)