View Full Version : There'll be more controversy,,,

05-30-2017, 10:58 AM
Early hours this morning I sent requested pictures of the broken Faction War map and recieved a ticket number.
I'm one of many players who'll deploy assets manually and strategically getting some pleasure out the idea of a war between the factions with a bounty at the end of a round and on the completion of the war..
But here we are again at the crucial stage of a round and once again there's something gone astray.
This may cause some controversy being the 3rd time this has happened at a crucial point.
Ubi I have only seen one response yesterday evening on this and nothing since.No advice on gameplay only to report the issue which I'm sure many have possibly done.
Can you shed any light on this please?
A little show of respect and good faith could materialise in an extra top up on the bounty (reward) to all players.
The time the Samurai won the round and got what..nothing.
They had to participate in a community order to get the same carpeted reward,,,whilst some players recieved double..
That was another slap in the face...
I still hold this game with great respect as I believe it'll flourish into something special when every issue is sorted,, but please consider the above,,carpeted reward for everyone..