View Full Version : How For Honor can give players a "bad time"

05-30-2017, 12:18 AM
I mean, where else do you get cc'd as much as in For Honor in 4on4 matches? I really wonder. I mean even in MMORPG's, people did tone down cc-effects due to people hating losing control of their characters.

But well, For Honor is something different, so better compare to some fighters. Guess the concept of cc'ing in For Honor is best compared to the likes of juggling. However, in most fighters, to initiate a juggle, you normally need to hit your opponent. If you block, that's it - no juggle. Not denying that there are 50/50-style moves that could initiate the likes - I mean there are some moves that can almost end a fight on their own. But overall, the mainstream fighting games hardly ever do let you loose control of your character for extended periods of time. And the more rewarding some moves are, the more dangerous they are to pull off.

Anyway, people could say: compare 1on1 - thats what the typical fighter is all about. Yeah, you are right. In a 1on1 enviroment, this is rather balanced. Not absolutely perfect, but it more or less is "ok-ish". Anyway, we do have our team modes. I would even say those team modes are the bread and butter of For Honor. So .. they should work and not be frustrating.

However, this whole cc-issue is one that - in my opinion - causes hella lotta rage of many players. And it is somewhat understandable, especially in the 4on4 environment.

Honestly, where else can a Shinobi relatively fearlessly use ranged attacks and gb's? Where is Centurion harder to dodge/parry then in an already more laggy and less responsive match then the 4on4-modes?

So I, personally, don't think it is some new heroes or season 2 stuff alone that is responsible for quiet a lot of hate against the new characters, salt against rage quit penalties etc. - one of the real problems is giving players a "bad time playing".

And to really put some of those "bad" things in here:

- you just arrived on a not-so-secure point on a map, fight with utmost concentration against this passive enemy peacekeeper, just .. to get knocked off the freakin ledge due to lawbro charging you
- you thought one centurion hitting you was bad ...
- why the hell am i on my knees with this shinobi hitting me? how could i have been guardbroken, a second ago i was elswhere? stupid teleport!
- xy left - host mitigation in process
- za left - host mitigation in process

I guess these Issues are what most people are plagued by. Well, balancing is there too, I know, and is rather serious as well. But it is not "just" the times you are dead, that are "bad". It honestly is even worse when you arrive at the action, just to be unable to do something. Often, there is no more "holding out until reinforcements arrive". Fights become a simple spam of whatever least-risk-moves your character has, and that's it.

Ah well, some random rant by me :3
Anyway, not that I hate the game. I just dislike some of those centurion (or cc)-loaden teamgames right now. Especially since it seems to stay :/ And even the little Shinobi have become rather annyoing due to dictating the course of the fight.

Oh my, my perfect For Honor version, where are you. The game where recovery-frames are ultra-short and you can go spamming your attacks without being interrupted by anything but a parry or a counterhit, without that parry guaranteeing a guardbreak, only allowing the opponent to start his chain.