View Full Version : About Destiny Dev Team reply on dedicated server

05-29-2017, 03:56 PM
So there is a big deal with the community on dev choice not to provide dedicated server for FH. While I'm not very up to date about multiplayer coding etc, Destiny Dev Team has provided an explanation about why they didn't choose to offer dedicated server for Destiny 1 and what will be their solution for Destiny 2.

They said dedicated server wasn't a golden graal when speaking about game experiences and that it bring specific issues that could really be problematic when speaking about a shooter. I think their explanation can also be applied with FH.

As an european player, the P2P idea that provide each player same experience and permit a fair fight is really nice. Having tried COD or other shooter, I know that playing on an american server make the game really unfair.

But Destiny Team say also that the second opus will have server to host the game and I think it could be a real solution about lot of problem that ruin FH experiences. So if I understand it right, it's still some kind of P2P coding but with a server that insure game stability ?!?

One of the biggest issue we have actually speaking about rage quitting is when the host quit, making the whole game crash. The second one, when you get disconnected because of poor connection to a player (packet lost, etc ?), the third one is because you can't join back. The last one, because the game crash and you don't get any reward for the time involved in a game (I think lot of player could count hours or day involved without any reward because of this).

Could it be a solution to these issues ?