View Full Version : Let's talk about the Centurion and give some feedback!

05-19-2017, 02:10 PM
He was advertised as a "turtle opener" but let's face it he's terrible at it and for me the reasons are these:
Everything he throws is heavily telegraphed, his feint game is horrible and a slight charge even by accident can screw your parry timings, low hp, ridiculous guard switch (that gladius must be so heavy!) slow and highly punishable kick, the jab is his unsafest move unless the opponent is pinned, his zone attack means doom for the user, hyper armor on jump attack activates so late in the animation that trading with it is almost impossible on reaction. Also that animation is bad and not practical, really the worst of his kit.
We don't need more time to understand that centurion offensive play is not as good as everybody expected. The only place where he truly shines right now is in group fights when opponents are not focused 100% of the time on him.

I can say that i'm not really satisfied with some of the decisions devs made about centurion. Was it really intended to give him that slow guard switch animation? Don't they realise how bad it is? why the zone attack is different from the basic video of his tutorial? everybody else noticed that? his jump attack is different too, it's way better in that video than the one he got on release. What happened guys? why those changes at the last moment?

05-19-2017, 03:49 PM
Centurion is just fine where he is. Doesn't need any nerfs or buffs.