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05-17-2017, 12:39 PM

have 3 questions.
i play kensei ONLY because i like kensei ONLY.

When i do side finisher UNSTOPPABLE just before it hits (after saying the korede shimaida crap) i GET GUARDBREAKED how the *** and WHY an unstoblable move gets raped like that?
and its not only on the kenseis side finisher its also on the side dodge attack and ALSO happened when i ZONE ATTACK. at one specific occasion against shugoki i hit him with top light he GETS HITTED and at the same time i get GUARDBREAK, not BEFORE the hit and NOT AFTER the hit but at the same time i was hitting.

2nd question
can some1 fcking exaplain to me why not all chars have that UNBLOCKABLE CRAP? i mean my char doesnt have it and some other dont as well. WHY? its clearly not fair when a char has an unblockable crap to spamm and there is NOTHING U CAN DO against it. for example conqueror vs u on a corner its 99% chances that he wins.
or another fresh example, 2 ******ed centurions or any 2 low bringers vs 1 there is absolutely nothing that can be done. spamm unblockable stun, u get perma stun, u dont see the attacks coming and its 100% death. that unblockable crap cannot be parried or defend against and cannot be dodged while on corners.
so how is this fair.....? how can i enjoy the game as a kensei? why not giv all chars one unblockable crap instead of giving it to half of the chars? i mean what rotten dead sh1t brain thought of this fantastic idea"???

will u ****ing reply to my thread already?
fix ur game or giv me a refund?

05-17-2017, 12:42 PM
i agree. Way too much cheese and guaranteed dmg in this game.

Its basically not fun..

05-17-2017, 03:14 PM
9/10 matches is vs conqueror-valkiry and the rest *** spammers then disconnects then more prefixed type of fighting spammers..... 1/10 having fun will cool people that wanna play to have fun and not ti win with unblockable spams.....
how cool is that, i mean this is the best gaming experience ever......NOT