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05-17-2017, 05:15 AM
Okay Ubisoft. I'll bite. I like Shinobi. But, I'm on the fence with it between "I like" and "I don't like". Here's a list of things that I like.

1. Long, close, and mid range combat. Very versatile for an Assassin. +1.

2. Tons of combos to choose from, infinite chains, a lot of mixups can occur. +1

3. Unpredictable combat. Doubledash one way, attack the opposite or top. Definitely a +1

4. Double sprint to catch those runners. Slide to tackle them and get two free light attacks in. Obviously a +1

5. Infinite combo string using backflips and kicks and repeated movesets, with some added mixups. Already said but, a little different. +0.5

6. Ranged Guardbreak allows for initiation to rush in or pull in. Something completely new, a total +1

7. R2, R2 > R1 R1 R1. A little difficult but, I like it. The overall damage/bleed isn't overwhelmingly powerful even on another Shinobi. This, I absolutely like. +1

8. Mobility. Ability to cancel and reignite the double sprint on command to maintain stamina, I like this a lot. +1.5.

9. Deflects. Standard deflects is a regular bleed. Or, R1 for a light, backflip, go into a combo chain. Or, kick. And then risk initiating from a semi-close distance. +0.5

10. Light guaranteed after Light or Heavy if stance isn't changed. Very Orochi, but I do like this touch. +1.5

Now, for my dislikes.

1. Three and a half bars of health. You do realize that, vs a good Conqueror that charges up his heavies, it only takes two of these hits. Shugoki, it takes 1 charged heavy, GB > baseball bat R2. Most other classes, same thing. 2-4 hits and Shinobi is a goner. -1 for health pool.

2. My controller can't distinguish R2 being PRESSED or being HELD in most situations. I know it's not me because I'm using a HORI PS4 pad, R2 is a button, not a trigger. -1 for input confusion.

3. Doublesprint takes a lot of stamina for it's "almost as fast as Peacekeeper" speed. -1

4. Double dash can still be hit in some cases. Sweet idea, doesn't always work. -1

5. Charging heavy, can't block or parry. -1

6. Ranged attacks can't be cancelled, and it's a little hard to cancel heavies in general. (At least from what I've noticed. No points taken away, I'll let someone confirm this for me.)

7. Ranged Guardbreak > R2 ALWAYS gets blocked. -1 for hit speed. (Sue me.)

8. So sidestep/dodge attacks. -1 for being the only assassin who doesn't have this.

9. Super squishy. I've said this but I'll say it again. No points taken away because it's already been done.


From a Nobushi player, I am, indeed, on the fence about Shinobi. It feels balanced but only because of the arsenal and health comparison. Now. This is an opinion what I'm going to say next, followed by something else I'll say that most people won't care for.

Shinobi is everything Nobushi was intended to be. Long range fighter with versatile retreats.

1. Very slow dodging, and takes a while to actually happen.

2. Backsteps will usually end up getting hit. Parry > R2 will sometimes be blocked if not followed up with a Guard Break. Guardbreak will not work on certain characters after being parried, for example, Lawbringer, Nobushi, Valkyrie, am I missing any?

Shinobi is very fast with a lot of mixup capabilities for getting in and out quickly.

1. Nobushi just keeps getting slower and slower.

2. Nobushi can only go backward or side to side when getting in and out. Careful though, if you feint, consider yourself GB'd and Heavy'd!

3. Light attacks are painfully slow! So slow they're parried consistently!

4. Heavy attacks are almost the same speed as Light attacks. That's bad!

5. Recovery from Sidewinder takes FOREEEEVER. Even more so, Sidewinder to Kick takes EVEN LONGER! So you'll definitely be hit out of the Kick before you even get off the ground!

Shinobi has some of the quickest hit and run specials. Including a double sprint slide tackle.

1. Nobushi's sprinting R1 can be parried and blocked.

2. Nobushi's sprinting R2 can be parried or blocked.

3. Nobushi's sprint speed is painfully average.

So, all in all, from a loyal Nobushi player, I'm sticking to my main. Shinobi, it's everything Nobushi was supposed to be, just 50 times faster. Sorry Shinobi, you're fun, but, I'm still on the fence. Until Ubisoft decides to buff Nobushi, I'm boycotting this game. The only time I'll play is if I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY BORED OF EVERYTHING ELSE.

05-17-2017, 06:13 PM
Shinobi is bullsh. incarnate. The damage is way too high and u can even win games by randomly clicking and rolling your head over the keyboard. The champ is waay to versatile with everything, too hard to punish and whenever he'S out of stamina he'll back-dodge spam. Super good, The stunncombo also rocks with 50% hp damage...pure balance. Let alone ranged attacks in a close combat game.... tzz I will quit this game for good. sick of being ********ted by incompetent devs

05-17-2017, 06:43 PM
Nobushi is beyond broken , she is super slow with low health low stamina no opener and kick that is slow as **** where eveerybody dodge it and it cannot be canceled


Ubisoft hire new balalnce designer u u made a trash tier class even more trash

05-17-2017, 06:46 PM
I hear ya man. I only have Valk and Nobushi unlocked. The rest of the heroes i only used in practice to get an idea of their set. I main Nobushi out of the two. But don't sweat it. Nobushi has been forgotten since release.
Verstaile retreats my ***. She is slow as hell. Keeping distance is her thing? Ok. but what can she do? just dodge/parry attacks then poke or gb/ then poke. Her "combos" are easy to block and dodge even on hit. So doing a consecutive attack with her suicide. At the speed this is going I can clearly say she'll be the last to get updates and/or patches any time soon. Any character can spam the hell out of light attacks on her and if the parry doesn't land you're dead in the water. Reaction opportunities are very small and capitalizing damage with her is non existent. A good player will not be hit by nobushi consecutively. Bleed is OP? Not really. Her "bleed" attacks are easy to see coming and/or easy to avoid. The bleed attack truly useful is Viper's Retreat, and that is a very very very subjective statement. Cobra strike can be good but is slower than her normal light attack which is pretty slow. I would suggest and increased speed to this attacks or range. Also on the range dept. It would be nice that to have her relative safety on block and parry, no in the sense of recovery time but since she is supposed to be ranged have her be pushed back further than most while being parried.

Somethings i'd do to her.
>Increase guard change speed.
>Increased speed or tracking on kicks.
>Attacks inputted while on Hidden Stance have increased speed (save for kicks).
>Increased hidden stance active duration.
>Increased dash step distance.
>Remove bleed from cobra strike and give it uninterruptable attack.
>Increase recovery in sidewinder form.

05-17-2017, 06:51 PM
add faster dodge
kick that can be canceled
and no stager on parry

and maybe she willlll join

the S-Class tier

and don't forget to buff kensei , coming frrom someone whho don';t pllay hhim at all

05-19-2017, 11:42 PM
Bit of an update on this. I discovered that Shinobi's kick is uninterruptable. I like shinobi, but that's bullsh*t. That needs a nerf. If Nobushi can be hit out of her kick, why not Shinobi too?

05-20-2017, 12:00 AM
Ty for the detailed feedback. Just to input my own thoughts: Nobushi and Shinobi are two heroes that are not meant to play the same. Sure they both have long-range attacks, but Shinobi isn't just long range, he also has to get into melee range for a good number of his attacks whereas Nobushi is all about abusing the range of her Naginata.

But anyways, we actually have some Nobushi buffs planned that will be coming not too long from now, so I hope you can enjoy your time with her then.

05-20-2017, 12:06 AM
Nobushi really need buff her light top/Hidden stance/twin kicks its useless and big risk vs low reward moves what need buff.

05-20-2017, 12:15 AM
I so much look forward Nobushi buffs. How great she might become with defensive meta fixed and her moveset (hidden stance!) slightly improved ^-^
And guard change speed will be welcome as well - just as a sidenote.

05-20-2017, 12:22 AM
Imho nobushi is fine as it is. Is the the curent meta that makes her weak, just like the kensei.

I would wait the defensive fix patch before changing her. Just like the kensei which is imo one of the most versatile heroes in the game.

The meta is just wrong. The classes are fine