View Full Version : Rebalancing the Core mechanics

05-15-2017, 04:12 PM

I know no one has brought this up in a while but Guard Break still needs work, while the current system has remedied the problems of Guard Breaking at the same time and not being able to GB counter it has made Guard Breaking a relatively useless mechanic in duels instead of having to time my counter I just mash GB over and over again. to me this is not how it should be GB is supposed to be a mechanic that opens up a blocking opponent but instead only serves to build revenge for your opponent, while you should be able to GBC if you and your opponent throw out a GB at the same time the timing window for GBC needs to be moved back to how it was so that you cant just mash the button but must time it


Feinting another mechanic designed to open up a defensive opponent is in my opinion not working as intended, 1. there is no punishes for feinting 2 you have ample time to feint in response to another players feint making the mechanic by itself worthless both of these things imo are easily fixable. 1 move the GB vulnerability frames from heavy start up to feint start up, so that if your opponent is excessively feinting you can GB him to punish and conversely be punished for trying to GB an attacking Player, 2 narrow the feint input to start up frames only so that It is more difficult to feint in response to another players feint

or you could just change it so that parrying is done with light attacks instead of heavies,


there needs to be a moderate increase to chip damage for heavy attacks at least, and I do understand why chip damage is as low as it is, so that in 4v4 modes you stand a chance against multiple opponents, this imo is easily fixed, just have opponents who you are not currently locked onto do less or no chip damage then the currently targeted player, in addition to a moderate increase to heavy chip, you should consider a further increase to chip damage on opponents who are out of stamina so that stamina burning characters can be universally punished for poor stamina management and it should be also noted that not all heroes should do the same chip damage, characters with slower heavy attacks should probably do more and fast heavies less

I apologize for my bad grammar and some of these are ideas I've already posted about I don't mean to spam I just love this game and want to make sure that it gets better and I believe these things are crucial to fixing this game