View Full Version : Missing colors for champions

05-14-2017, 02:07 AM
Hey Ubisoft, I have been having some problems accessing some of the colors for my heroes since a few months ago. It first started a while back when i went to change my conquerors armor color to Dusk, only to find it locked. But wait, Dusk and Storm was available to lvl one characters which was quite annoying for a while. But to your credit after one of the more recent patches this was fixed... but only at a cost for me as two of the colors that came with my preorder; Knight Attack, and Knight Defense, simply stopped appearing as an option. Other items, strangely, such as all preorder icons paint patterns and even the color Knight Neutral all are still accessible to me, weird.... I just want some suggestions or really anything that could help me recover these two missing color schemes. Thank you.