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05-09-2017, 08:20 PM
I have played this game and supported it non stop since release. I moved to nevada so my playtime has sort of ceased. But picking it up more frequently since i have settled. My question is.

How the **** are you expected to finnish orders and more so how are we expected to level up? I run an Ark server on my server Xbox, my wife live streams professionally and even when these things are not on and its just me i can barely finnish 1v1 matches without my opponent DCing or myself. I run a 1gbps download with around a 200mbps upload. Xbox is wired with a DMZ all ports forwarded and i cannot complete games.

For the last two weeks or so the orders have been Dom, Skirm and Elim. You cannot even complete a match. And even worse if i run with friends its an instant DC the minute the game starts.

I just don't understand! Other P2P games have a better network infrastructure than this. I guess either dump your P2P hybrid **** and go to a traditional P2P setting. Where we all piggyback off of the best connection Or swap over to dedicated. I mean you make enough money with your micro transactions so i would think a dedicated server would not be to expensive. You would make even more money off of the increased playerbase spending money in you store. If you are that cheap than please go to a traditional P2P. Who gives a **** about those with dial up struggling every few matches. At least we can complete them.

Alternatively let us keep any score we gain in game if we leave or DC. At least then we get rewarded for suffering.

Am i going to quit? No... This game is to fun to do that. My wife and i have spent around $800 on this **** since release. We just want to see it improve. She has done quit because of the DCing and moved on to other games until it is stable yet i still suffer.

Try to figure something out.

Now their are a number of things i could suggest to improve the game. But i am not even going to waste my fingers on that as it does not matter.

Your number 1 priority is to at least let us finnish matches.

Thank you and good luck!


05-09-2017, 08:33 PM
Just beat up their crappy AI and emote spam them when you do then they will flawless you and you will laugh seriously it is only way to complete orders and not get DC.

05-09-2017, 08:38 PM
The worse is executing an enemy to have one of his teammates rage quit or DC and then guess what? He's back from the dead!

Season 2 is going to be crazy with these drops.

Stability Wars FTW!

05-09-2017, 08:38 PM
Yeah i think i dc about every 2 - 3 games against AI