View Full Version : constant disconnection problems

05-05-2017, 06:54 PM
hello fellow heroes.

I am having constant disconnection problems while playing the game. Mainly error codes 00006000137 and the likes, right before I join a multi-player game or as soon as I join a game, shows the sync message and I get disconnected.

I play the game on Dell gaming laptop, I7 7th generation, 16GM Ram, 4GB GTX1050ti and 1TB HDD and Windows 10.

here is what I have done reading the various feedback available on the internet.

* make sure the game is added to the windows firewall exclusions
* make sure the game is added to the antivirrus safe programs list
* created a static IP and followed instrucions to port-forward. but I am not sure if the port forward is successfully done. Should the UDP be 3075 or 3074?

my NAT is always yellow.

How can I fix this never ending disconnection problems.
Thanks for the help