View Full Version : Is it possible to get rid of these certain orders? And also the Captains in skirmish?

04-30-2017, 05:59 AM
Anything that has to do with Allied type orders needs to go, all the people I play/played this game with have all gotten frustrated and quit and are playing other games and aren't playing anymore anytime soon, or if some do decide to play a couple of games with me, they rage quit (for a handful of reasons), and because they quit before the game ended or if either of us got kicked, then the order doesn't go any further in getting completed and it takes even longer than any other orders to get completed. I've done group searches for other players, and when I find others they are sometimes nice fun players, but they are always in another country that has very bad connections and we get kicked every time. Its very difficult to get people to join a group to simply play as it is, it is even more difficult to have them do specific game modes 5 times, and especially if it is elimination, that mode is a fun/buzz killer and that is a sure way to get others i group with to quit, and not to mention, the XP for it is not very good at all, here you go, 500xp, only 2300 more to go to level!

Dominant anything, the whole get a kill steak of 8 without dying is absolutely ridiculous, if I do manage to get into a game that doesn't kick me out, it's already almost over with and theres no point in trying because I won't reach 8 kills by then. If I do manage to get the kills, I get kicked from game (which happens every time) and the order doesn't get completed. just now I went 13 kills, and died right as the game ended because the person did a artillery right as they died when I hit them, I died too, or the other day I had 17-0 and the order still didn't get completed. I feel that a kill streak of 5 would be much better or even if it were to be allowed to have kill assists be a benefit because I always get my kills taken from me by other players. I could also see this being, get 8 kills in one match, that would be just as good because not many other players can reach that limit or it's in a way reachable for all players regardless of skill level, but all and all, whether it be against AI or players, I always get to 7 kills and have it ruined because I get pushed off a cliff or something or someone fires arrows at me or throws an axe, spear, or uses the crossbow from a distance away.

PLEASE! get rid of the captains in skirmishes, he serves absolutely no purpose in the match what so ever and neither do the soldiers, it is very irritating when Im fighting others and it guard breaks me on top of other guard breaks being done on me, or they hit me when Im trying to make it to go get health, or if I and my team are chasing a runaway coward, and I lock on to them to throw something at them, I get guard broken or the throwing weapon hits the captain and not the person because I have to adjust my lock on to the right person.I would say they at least help me get revenge, but revenge is so awful now, that it isn't worth it anymore.

I truly feel there should be a way of filtering what orders you choose to do, such as there are dueling/brawler only type players, there are skirmish and dominion, and lastly people who only like elimination, why not have separate sets of orders that a player can set them selves up for such as a toggle/option, I hate dueling and brawls, they're very boring and the people who love those, feel the same about the other modes as well.

Also, is there any way to have a fun order like use the environment to kill x amount of players, or throw x amount of players off the cliff/edge, that'd be really cool and fun to try to complete!