View Full Version : Middle points dont count as zone captures??

04-29-2017, 02:26 AM
Just wondering why middle doesn't count as a zone capture. Seeing as how if you are clearing mid it takes you a bit depending on your class. I think it should at least count as a capture on the scoreboard.

04-29-2017, 03:56 PM
Yeah, I've submitted a similar suggestion a while back about dominion scoring.

In Dominion strategy, the general rule of thumb is the side that keeps control of mid usually wins, because logistically speaking (obviously) the middle is a connecting hub that is often smack at the middle of both side nodes and a constant source of scoring as well. The problem is, the battle fluctuates quite dynamically in the mid and the zone also turns over to the opponent regularly if left unchecked. Since it's serves as a logistics hub, it also means any player that wants to run deep into enemy territory will have to pass it, and therefore the players controlling the zone will almost always draw attention from opponents and will be constantly attacked and/or fight outnumbered.

That means usually higher number of deaths are recorded when you committ to mid, which in turn, means slower XP gain to unlock feats. The zone also takes time to capture, unlike how standing for a few seconds gives you +100 every time.

I've been in matches where I literally work my arse off slaying minions, fighting outnumbered battles, non-stop action from beginning to end -- and stil outscored by some guy that goes side and just stands still there. Currently, side captures, and standing on them yields higher personal profit, than fighting at mid. So its kinda unfair.