View Full Version : change to the customization system suggestion

04-28-2017, 03:58 PM
How's this for a customization change?

I like to build my cosmetics, I want everything to be perfect more than I want great stats.

So, how about we can buy specific armor pieces straight away for steel instead of just opening crates?
When you reach different Rep you also unlock different armor pieces, that will be implemented here too,
Let's say you want the Ledric helmet, it wont be unlocked for purchase until you reach Rep 3 while the Loran helmet is unlocked from the beginning but you can't​ buy the blue or purple version until you've reached the appropriate Rep.

it will work something like this(prices are only to give an idea of the system):

Rep 0-1: Grey gear for 500 steel each
Rep 1-3: Blue gear is unlocked and can be bought for 1250 steel each(discounted to 1000 steel when you reach Rep 2)
Rep 3: Purple gear is unlocked and can be bought for 2000 steel each

This way you can buy armour pieces however you like without having to hope you get the stuff you want.
Maybe too, add a small discount for those with champion status? Something like 5%/10%/15%
in that area?