View Full Version : Possibilities for Faction War

04-28-2017, 06:17 AM
So personally I liked the whole faction war thing, it wasn't much but it was something more, made it feel a bit more like a war. But I was thinking of a few ways to maybe make it mean more. Because realistically there is a solid week and a half where nothing matters. In fact nothing in that mode matters until the last day and even then it's already set, because if someone has a huge lead before the last reset there is an almost guarantee that they will lose since the other two factions will push against it. So there is just a lot of down time where territories mean essentially nothing.

So I was thinking maybe setting it as a point system that had additions for accomplishments. So like each territory would still be worth a point or several points by the end of the round, but in addition factions could gain additional points by having for example: most assets deployed, most territories gained, most territories defended, faction that held the most territories at any point, faction that had the biggest hold of a territory, faction that held a territory the longest, just stuff like that to make the whole round and thus season feel like you are constantly doing something and fighting for an accomplishment. And then maybe have bonus territories that have extra point values so that factions begin to have a focal point to fight over even more on since a lot of the faction war is unorganized which means there's no coordination. Also there could be like bonus points to the faction that had the least people in it, that way factions at a disadvantage *cough* Knights who we all know had the least player count *cough* lol, don't just get handed a losing fight.

There could also be things like weekly faction orders, that are smaller versions of the community orders, which give out a bit more than normal orders but also give points to the factions so that there is also this faction goal to make it feel more like it's own small community and to give us another goal for points.

Now I am not a game designer by any means and I fully acknowledge there very well could be things in here that could screw up the game, or wouldn't fit, or are just too complicated, I understand that. But all I wanted to do was show my ideas on how maybe we could get this faction war to feel a bit more involved and to make fighting the entire time feel like a battle not just the last day. With these things in place we could get the whole season to feel like a bigger battle where the small things feel like they have an actual purpose. That way it also means the factions with the lower player counts can still have a chance to win.

Also I would be interested to know how ubisoft plans to deal with the mass exodus from Knights/Samurai to Vikings. I mean if you think Knights were unpopulated before, just wait and see how Vikings will probably make up almost half of the entire player base, and at that point not only will we have a faction loaded with people, but two factions drained of them, making it twice as hard for someone else to win. So I am anxious to see what Ubisoft plans on doing to make sure the Vikings don't have a guaranteed victory for their massive lead in players. But also not crippling them so that they have to grind tooth and nail to win.