View Full Version : Fast AoE and the way they do it.

04-25-2017, 05:06 PM
What I have noticed lately.
Classes like warden and peackeeper who have the fastest aoe attacks in the game,
seem to use aoe to counter incoming charges or fake charges ment to be guardbreakes.
I understand this dosent allways work, but it works wellenough for those who practice it.
I have been and have seen it happen effectively quit often.
I was wondering how they intend to balance it with other classes, who cant counter it this way.
Just seemes to be like an alternative way to deal with something they are not sure is bound to come.
While other classes have either dodge or wait.

This way AoE just seemes too strong for those classess, beacause they are allready strong.

I could also bring out that no matter what damage the aoe attacks do, if they are near instant they are
like a super weapon against low hp players.