View Full Version : Devs: Please display stats numerically

04-24-2017, 04:01 AM
Currently, any upgrade is simply represented visually with that tiny speck of green that seems really miniscule and inconsequential, and the players don't have any useful information in regards to just how much it effects the game. We just all assume a gear that is a level or two higher would be better... but by how much?

It's also difficult to compare the difference between classes in that we just have an inaccurate estimation based upon which bar seems longer... but by exactly how much? No idea. This not only makes it confusing, but also can potentially be a source of misinformation which may bring out complaints based on wrong information.

For example, many people just fall to despair when they see that their gear level is 72 blues, and the other guy has 108 orange. Numerically, the gear difference is 36 levels so it seems a lot, but in reality it's only +6 level difference in each slot. When comparing visually, +6 level difference is like, less than a centimeter of difference in the bar length. While certainly a noticeable advantage, it doesn't exactly look despairingly drastic a difference... but it this the truth? Is the difference portrayed by visual length of the bar proportionately correct to the actual difference in stat?

We have no way of knowing, because stats are not shown numerically.

Devs, I propse that you display stats in numbers alongside the visual stat bar, please.