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04-22-2017, 06:10 PM
Hi there, this is my first post and i'm hoping to hear some constructive comments and get some great conversation out of it.

So I've been playing For Honor for awhile now, since the beta and i overall enjoy the game. I've been lurking through the forums for some time reading all the positive and frustrated comments of fellow players. Some of the mechanics can be wonky at times and of course we all hate the disconnects that come out of the host leaving the game. I know we're all hoping the Ubisoft can make something happen as this game has great potential.

Now to the point of this thread. I'm not sure if it's been brought up or not but here it goes.

I've noticed that during an opponents attack (mainly a heavy attack as they take more time to strike) that if one goes into guardbreak their opponent, that the person attempting the guardbreak just bounces off of them. Now i know an opponent attack can be countered by either a light, heavy, unblockable or just a straight up dodge. However, and i suppose i'm looking at more of a realistic approach here, if i see my opponent going in for an attack, wouldn't i want to be able to stun/guardbreak them to at least nullify said attack?

I suppose a video example is needed, however i don't have one on hand, so i'm hoping that ya'll can just visualize it.

Is there any reason why we're not allowed to pull off such an action? I know the game is defensive enough as it is. What're your thoughts? Civil discussion please.

04-22-2017, 06:37 PM
Its called a guard break, not an attack break... and for a reason :)

04-22-2017, 06:43 PM
Its called a guard break, not an attack break... and for a reason :)

we should start calling it "guard/dodge/basicallyeverythingbutattack/whateverimusingthisoffensivelyforloadsoffreedamage break"