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04-22-2017, 06:05 PM
Not sure if this has been suggested before, but it would surprise me if it hasn't. I mean, what am I supposed to do with 100k salvage i can't even use with other faction characters?

Any suggestions for Ubi folks?

04-22-2017, 06:17 PM
Thought there were going to be suggestions here. :(

Remove steel cost from upgrading gear and gear appearance changes. Increase salvage cost to compensate. Only fixes the issue till you're 108. Nothing to really do with it other than adding a conversion to steel option. Even a 10 to 1 ratio would be acceptable but I think a 5 to 1 ratio would be best.

04-22-2017, 10:02 PM
I think salvage just needs a cosmetic option. If it's only used for gear upgrades, it's only useful until you're maxed.

Personally, I think players should be able to change the equipment models with salvage. Instead of spending 500 steel to change the look to something already owned, give players access to all of the models and pay for changes with salvage. Match loot and scavenger crates still have random models. That way salvage has value after 108 as players will likely want to change their look from time to time.

Allowing changes like this shouldn't have much impact on the purchase rate of scavenger crates (and by extension: steel packs). If the cost is high enough, people will still buy scavenger crates and champion status to get more salvage. This should compensate for the number of people buying dozens of crates looking for one or two specific models. As an added bonus to Ubi, it would encourage those of us with less faith in luck to buy scavenger crates when there's a clear path to what we want.

Example salvage price per change:
Common: 500
Rare: 1000
Heroic: 2000
Star: 6000

Total cost for full heroic armor and star weapon: 24000 Salvage.

04-23-2017, 02:22 AM
Something needs to be done with it. For those of us who primarily stick to Duel and Brawl what little worth is had for upgrading stats is completely lost. I would absolutely love a system like R6 with small tokens or accents that can be changed at the cost of salvage.

04-23-2017, 04:12 PM
I do also got some ideas.
1. Buying Basic Packs from the Scavenger with Salvage
2. Trade Salvage for Steel, (1000 Salvage for 100 Steel)

04-23-2017, 08:01 PM
+1 as this should be a thing