View Full Version : VOTE kick AFK players, Dirty players !!!

04-22-2017, 04:57 AM
Hi all !!!
As you know, Ubisoft had update AFK detected system but i think it did not work. Because i had capture many video about them and send it to Ubisoft.
If you like to watch those video, you can find here :
But capture video and report are not good solution for AFK disease, even AFK detected system.
So question that, how to remove them ?

If you meet some players who AFK in game, in this time, you just can talk to him, report him and hope he can understand human language but he still there in next round, and keep do that.
But if we can vote kick, there will have other stories.

Solution is VOTE KICK.

VOTE KICK will actived after the match start 1 minute (because we need a time to know who AFK) and stopped before one team reach 1000 point (Avoid the situation kick TOP).

Tell me about your thinking for this ideal !