View Full Version : Expand the emblem system/ Add Clan system

04-14-2017, 05:31 PM
Are there any plans to expand on the emblem system and maybe even add clans and be able to equip a clan wide emblem?

As it is now you get 5 layers besides the backround, while this is enough to do most simple emblems if you are lucky enough to find a pre created symbol in the database; it still isn't enough to make more intricate designs like our real life family coat of arms.

I think we need either many more layers or a couple more layers and many more symbols to choose from.

As far as a clan system you could make it so the creator or officer could set up to 2-3 clan emblems that can be used clan wide. As far as playing with clans to you could have clan war option added beside the player vs player/player vs AI option, clan vs clan.

You could have this ranked with a seperate clan leaderboard. I think this would also be good at seperating the top end hardcore players in the game from the casuals who play a couple times a week. Let them fight each other to find out who's the best clan, while the casuals fight other players their skill level and improve faster.