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04-14-2017, 02:00 PM
IMO, side node holders are granted way too much score way too easily, whereas mid/line clearing classes -- typically vanguards and others with "Bodycount" active -- are just bottom of the pile, when we assume all team members are active.

I mean, come on -- life on the midzone is really tough. It is the connecting hub between 2 side nodes hence...

- slow to win, slow to regain control if lost, those who are here get scores much slower than people who just stand at a side node for 5 secs.
- 'traffic' is always high, thus, always drawing attention, highly likely to be outnumbered.
- since likely outnumbered, difficult to get actual player kills
- in cases of 1v1, even if you do well, its farely easy for weaker opponents to run away since field is wide and open
- most active and tiring, endless stream of NPCs, which still only grant 1 points each
- and yet, recapturing a lost mid/line battlefield doesn't grant any objective points
- people can just "boost" side nodes and get a steady stream of exp to unlock special skills, mid has to just keep on killing at a slow rate
- being surrounded by NPC mobs actually DO deal quite a bit of damage over a period of time.
- Hence above, the "Bodycount" skill is almost always warranted, and other skills that can aid more directly in 1v1 combat you rarely get to use

Now compare this to the side node.

- easy turnovers. Have a few people on both sides go topsy-turvy and its mass points easily gained
- relatively further position, very unlikely more than 3~4 people show up, so always guaranteed fewer number of opponents
- due to above, more 1v1s happening here, or manageable 1v2 scenarios -- mass points if you are experienced + using "OP" classes -- easier xp and points
- "boosting" becomes a pretty handy way to contribute to the team score -- despite doing nothing
- constant healing if you win. Easy nurse yourself back to fighting condition. Probably the single most reason why people look to go sides.

So what often happens is -- objectively speaking -- despite the overall amount of work and effort being much less, people who just run on sides and/or play "King of the Hill" will often have as much, or even higher contribution score than the "sponge" you are, when you take your place at mid, "absorb" all the opponents passing by, constantly fight under disadvantaged conditions, more likely to be killed often, working your arse off to retake lost mid, working your arse off to defend mid, and at times running to sides to help out with sides and then going back to mid.

Now, I know, I know.

I'm not saying side runners are lazy. A capable side runner is often a significant asset to the team. Also many side runners move around to help out -- from time to time and much too often not enough, but still many try ti help out. Sometimes you can't even call them side runners, because honestly they just go anywhere needed, not just prioritize sides -- in which case I am more than thankful for their efforts.

But let's be realistic here. I could honestly say the majority of players -- especially if they're at least medium level in skill, enjoy fighting at sides more. There's a reason to it I believe, and all the "perks" the side provides, compared to the "manual labor" mid often becomes, is just too much.

Again, not saying side runners don't do any work, but I can honestly say life of a mid-liner is a bit more difficult, and yet, the rewards to be reaped at mid are much too low.


- Please consider granting "objective points" to gaining/regaining control of mid
- Please consider giving more than the same "+100 points" when you gain control of mid. Maybe slightly higher please -- 120.. 130-ish.
- Please consider increasing the exp learned to unlock special skills when gaining/regaining control of mid

All the rest of the demerits of fighting at mid, I've got no problemjs with. And usually I don't really care about points at all. But this one time, recently, [i]I've been actually ridiculed by a clueless team member (random team) -- who spent the entire game at the sides. We won the match, but the wiseguy thought it was funny how I've got small number of kills, a lot of deaths, and lower overall scores.

Our team's skill level was a bit higher. It was pretty close all around, but still advantage for us. I was glued to mid, one person ran around everywhere with a PK, and the guy who badmouthed me was on one of the sides with one other guy.

What happens is a pretty common situation to happen. Our two guys on the side node were pretty difficult to dispatch of, so after butting their heads into that node for some time, the opponents figured it was too difficult to try and win the side node quickly. What happens next is also predictable. They leave that side node for the time being, and guess what, decide to overwhelm mid and the other side node.

So basically the whole time me and one other guy were constantly trying to fend off 3~4 enemies at a given time. Sometimes the guy came to my help at mid, other times I went to the other side with him to help out. But it was gruellingly tough ordeal. Me and that guy were able to still defend and fend off more times than lose the mid and the side, but it was tough.

Naturally, despite the amount of tough, tough work, my "scores" were of course, low. Kills were low. Deaths were high. The guys who just stood there at one of the sides, almost never fighting superior numbers, managed to get more kills, more exp, less deaths, more points, fought less, and still managed to unlocked all 4 special skills a full 5 minutes before me. And me and the other guy, worked our arse off, and was ridiculed for it.

I just want fair recognition for the amount of work I do, and reap fair awards.

Thanks for listening.