View Full Version : as a raider main ... give us this moves ubasoftle

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The fact that the video is not playing... and nothing is coming of it...when the OP said, "please give us these moves..."... in a strange way, somehow explains the situation most Raider players see themselves in...

Yep. We got nuthin' :D

04-14-2017, 10:53 AM
lol ^^

04-14-2017, 12:47 PM
Go right ahead and buff Raider all you want...AFTER you fix his exploits or "techs" if you want to call them that.

No Hero should have the "unlocked tech" and Raider is now the biggest abuser of it.

No Hero can counter guard break while dodging....except Raider.

No where, from devs, guides, the tutorial videos does it explain that these moves should be possible. The "unlock tech" is 100% an exploit that was patched on Shugoki. The dodging and counter guard breaking I could live with, just Ubisoft should acknowledge that it is intended to function in that way.

And Raider, with these exploits, is far from bad.

04-14-2017, 04:36 PM
As a raider main it's obvious that the raider needs a nerf.

It doesn't matter if playing on a console makes light spam nearly impossible to parry making it simple for most classes to tear him up if that's what they want to do.

No, the reason raider needs a nerf is due to the overwhelming epicness of the ax hump.

As soon as a raider starts spamming it, there is no counter and it can't be punished properly.

Video evidence if you don't believe me: