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04-13-2017, 01:07 PM
Now I've never found the need to sign up to forums to post or moan about a game but come on, what a complete pile of multiplayer crap you Muppets at ubisoft have created. The disconnect rate this game has based over 10 games is 80%. you owe me more experience points than i currently have in total.


So I've taken all the steps to make sure it's not me on my home rig which sports 500gb internet by following your pointless walk through on what you seem to think is the cure for the disconnection issues the world is facing and it still happens
I've also taken my Acer predator to various different locations running on multiple different internet connections and still the same errors constantly. It's frustrating.

I can even tell it's going to disconnect before the game launches but you haven't given us a way to back out of matches on start up.

Half the time i'm kicked because someone else leaves and it drags me out also.

personally i wouldn't mind waiting a little longer for the servers to match players accordingly because i'm pretty sure all players i'm facing are from a small village 1000's of miles away with pigeons carrying data from hut to telegraph pole.

It needs to be sorted and i'm sure that little old me sat in a house in the middle of England will be just be brushed aside as i expect but you cannot ignore the whole player base of for honor.

My rant is not over.

04-13-2017, 04:12 PM
They really dont care. I got a message about the faction war reward bs and event after 2 weeks of support tickets about connection issues. They dont even read your mail. They are con artist. I think they are based in a nigerian internetcafe lmao