View Full Version : Salvage Merchant/Blacksmith idea

04-10-2017, 02:28 PM
came up with an idea to help with the excess salvage problem.

a salvage merchant/blacksmith who would allow you to buy/craft specific gear items for a high salvage price ( much higher than crates, so as to compensate the RNG factor)

you could buy any specific gear item for your hero, but the pricing would vary depending on rarity and rarity-exclusiveness.
for example, the pricing list ( from most expensive to cheapest) would be like this:

1.star weapons
2.heroic only gear ( this refers to the gear that is only available as heroic)
3. heroic variants of rare and common gear
4.rare only gear
4.rare variants of common gear
5.common gear

you could also pay an additional salvage fee to choose the stats on the item , or else they would be random.

there would be one merchant/blacksmith for each faction.

i feel like this would help with 3 main points in the game:
1. the salvage excess
2. the purely luck based grind for specific gear for fashion
3.it would allow you to buy lower level gear when at a higher level so you could play 4v4 modes with lower level gear.

any thoughts?