View Full Version : The game closes and leaves to the system without any error

04-09-2017, 12:31 PM
Hi, in Windows 10 the game closes and goes to the desktop without any error since I buy it I can not play it, it is the version of uplay no steam

04-12-2017, 06:41 PM
it is uplay specific bug
every time one specific person on your friend list changes uplay status the game closes
observe closely, you will see which nickname is cosing this -> delete from uplay friend list
If you would prefere not to delete your friend from uplay list then:
start uplay, start the game,
force close uplay aplication in windows aplication manager (after the game already started!) -> downside is that ingame friends will NOT see you as ONLINE but you will see others and you can still create team and invite ppl to it...

BTW: read forums before posting!!!!
this topic is not new and refreshed every now and then. Not far to look!