View Full Version : Devs: Shugoki "double unparriable heavy attack" bug

04-09-2017, 08:15 AM
Maybe someone already brought it up, but as I didn't see it anywhere else before, here goes.

Basically, it is yet another 'unparriable' attack by method of 'unlock exploit'. But this one is even better -- people have actually discovered that when you abuse this 'unlock to make it impossible to parry' method at a specific timing, an unblockable, unparriable heavy hit fires off to a double-hit. Lookit the damage...!


Now, I've basically seen Warden heavies unparriable, Raider unblockable unparriable, and Shugoki unblockable unparriable -- which basically confirms that the "unlock at attack activation" method will in theory, basically apply to anything.

Devs, you need to treat this as a global glitch that effects all classes, and therefore, requires a solution ASAP. IMO, its only a matter of time all classes discover their own timing to using unparriable attacks, and therefore destroying the base defensive system in place.

Yes I wanted the defensive/parry/turtling meta to change, but not like this...!

04-09-2017, 08:24 AM
that bug was fixed like a month ago, and the video is from february by the way

04-09-2017, 08:28 AM
that bug was fixed like a month ago, and the video is from february by the way

Gaaahh, must be the reason why I wasn't seeing any more complaints anywhere.

But how about the 2nd part of the notion -- as in, the possibility of unlock exploit applying universally? I mean, if it is happening by way of same method across 3~4 classes I've seen, I'm basically led to believe all 12 will basically have their own "unparriables" sooner or later.

Some sort of a universal glitch associated when target padlock is dropped as attack is applied.