View Full Version : Valkyrie needs fixing

04-09-2017, 02:44 AM
Valkyrie is supper strong right now! #1 she is the fastest character in the game?! She's not even an assassin! You have to basically guess what direction shes attacking from to block anything. I cant even switch my block fast enough which makes no sense! I would sooner punch myself in the nads repeatedly than try to hard parry her! She also is the only character that LITERALLY ALWAYS guard breaks you when you dodge to the side. WITHOUT fail! it is the stupidest thing! even if you dodge you cant because she will always trap you with her guard break as if she was as wide as the wall trump is trying to build! Same with her overhead spear attack! It always hits even if you dodge! Fix this crap! If you're using a spear it should be easy to dodge side to side when they try to stab you with it.

Characters have unshockables and that is fine! Her leg swipe for example is lame to fight against, but at least you can dodge it, but her guard break and her overhead spear attack hitting you when you are literally freaking hand and hand side ways is the biggest BS I have ever seen! She has the hit box of a damn school bus with a spear point and that isn't right.

For the love of god fix this character. Other than this she's fine I even like playing her but feel guilty because every one of my moves feels like I'm spamming the hell out of someone and taking advantage of broken balance issues.

04-09-2017, 02:49 AM
Are you on console? I am and I find blocking her attacks to be mostly guesswork along with the sweep. If so I think it is merely a fps issue.

04-09-2017, 02:56 AM
I'm on PC, attacks shouldn't be so fast that you have to guess what direction they're coming from that makes no sense! Maybe it is a bit of lag thats causing me to be hit by abilities when I was pressing dodge or block fast enough, but whatever the main problem is, it need to be addressed.

04-09-2017, 03:26 AM
You are just bad against her.

I have no problem playing against valkyries. Plus i played valkyrie a while and a lot of people were able to parry my lights, not simply block, parry; and even tho i changed direction..

You need to train a bit bro. I feel like you didn't play enough this game .... Especially when you say that valk manage to gb when u dodge... spoiler: gb can't be dodged, whatever the char is, gb is undodgeable.

Also to give you some advice: you don't need to parry a valk. Each of her dashed move can be simply blocked and gives you a free gb because of her recovery time. Same goes for her spear sweep= free gb; and shield bash=free gb. Valk is a fast hero that needs to control the fight to be effective; but you can really punish her on a lot of things she does.Plus hse's very dependent of her stamina so try to punish hard when she runs out of it.

I also felt sometime that the overhead spear dash was a bit fast and had a hard time with parrying, but when i understood that i didn't need to then i was ok.

Also, to give you actual numbers just to let you know you are completely wrong. The first stike of each of her combos is 15frame whil every other is 18frame. In a matter of comparison that's the same speed of the incredibly orochi side attacks, conqueros attacks, warden side attacks (top is 15 frame btw). Saying that you can't switch your guard to a valk is either lying or you being unbale do to something agaisnt almost all chars. Here is the proff : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjb268tpQlw

How many hours did you play buddy ?