View Full Version : this needs to stop

04-04-2017, 01:37 AM
joined a dominion match with my rep 1 lawbringer to try and level him up a bit. saw my team was choosing low levels as well, max was rep 2. then, i see the enemy team. 4 108 geared ranging between rep 3 and 12, all with the same emblem, all in a group together. i thought it was gonna be a challenge, but i was determined. then, the match starts. they immediately capture all points, then group up at our spawn point, and keep killing us as soon as we spawn, so we can't retake any of the points. coudln't even move my character because there were 4 revenge mode 108s hitting me before i could even see my character. can't play any of the 4v4 modes because this happens all the time ( because of the matchmaking i also keep getting matched with the same set of 50 people), and can't level up my heroes in non-geared modes because they reward pitiful amounts. just can't play the game.

04-04-2017, 03:04 AM
Although gear may have made a difference, I'd say they just had a sound strategy and good teamwork with communication. Of course I agree that their heroes were more powerful than yours, which upsets true game balance, but your utter defeat was due to the fact that they were together and probably fought so many times together. Still, I wish gear stats were drastically leveled down because dominion and death match are not friendly to anyone new or low experienced.